Do you wish you could just enjoy life more? Perhaps you wear a false smile every day to hide how anxious you really feel? If this sounds all too familiar, you could be under stress... And you'd not be alone.

A recent survey shows that over half of us live like this every day - with more women than ever feeling up against it. And as a government report concluded, stress is behind a third of work-related illnesses.

So what does living with stress look like? Stress is with you when you:

  • Toss and turn at night, woken by racing thoughts
  • Say 'I'm fine' when you're not...
  • Feel overwhelmed by everyday life

Over time, unmanaged stress can wear you down - impacting on every part of your life: health, relationships and work. Yet so many of us stumble on in silence hoping problems disappear, often too paralysed by stigma to act.

Life doesn't have to be like this. First of all, stress happens to anyone – me and you. As a wellbeing consultant, who's faced the battlefield of stress, I know how lost you can feel when people around you don't understand...

I know, too, that it takes real courage - not weakness - to ask for help. Are you ready to take this first step? You can - with me walking alongside...

Are you ready for change?

You deserve to be happy and healthy. You deserve to look forward, not back. You deserve to really live life – not just survive each day.

Once you decide you DO deserve better, be brave. Through my support, you can have a practical, everyday toolkit to:

  • Manage life's ups and downs
  • Have more control over your life
  • Build resilience to burnout
  • Change life for the better
  • Resolve problems using tried-and-tested techniques

Once you learn to manage stress better, you'll notice how distressing IBS symptoms, for instance, greatly reduce. Plus you'll sleep better, and feel more energised too.

The starting point? You ...your story. Explored in a kind, supportive space with someone who truly understands, who listens, who gets you...

Whether you're a single mum, a high-flying exec or business owner juggling home and work, I can't stop life happening. But I can help you to fight future fires in a more positive way. Get in touch when you're ready...

'Life feels different; I am learning to keep my pace manageable. A pace that I can now enjoy, without stress. Thank you for believing in me and helping me face things in a safe and caring environment.' Entrepreneur - Buckinghamshire

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